Personal Conservation Action In The Community

Here are a few ideas of how older adults can save threatened species by attending an inspirational class or becoming an activist, volunteer, or community scientist.

Conservation Inspiration


Voting Matters

Click HERE to learn about organizations that are helping older adults' voices be heard.


Click HERE to become a community scientist by observing and recording nature around you using the iNaturalist who shares your findings with researchers worldwide.


Click HERE to discover the many different opportunities in San Diego County and surrounding areas were older adults can volunteer.


"Conspiration Inspiration Class" and "Lion's Share" photos taken by Eric Webster and used with permission.

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Ms. Kupka is a licensed clinical social worker with over twenty years of experience working with older adult Veterans at the VA. Ever so passionate about critters and conservation, she is also a Master of Arts in Biology student through Miami University's Project Dragonfly Program in conjunction with San Diego Zoo Global. Click HERE for more information. The website is part of her thesis project for graduation in December 2020.